Date Rating Review
04/10/2023 5 Really practical info

Love Sarah and T on this podcast! They make the process of hosting an STR practical and understandable—always great nuggets of wisdom. Highly recommend!

- Shimi Chic from the United States
03/21/2023 5 Entertaining and informative

Love listening to them. They are fun and incredibly knowledgeable about the industry. They are always up to date on the latest VR trends and provide great ideas to take back to our company.

- Linsbeth from the United States
03/21/2023 5 They’re one of us!

As a property manager for vacation homes, everything about Sarah and T's podcast is so relatable, especially the sense of humor they bring to the conversation! We need to laugh more in this industry and I'm grateful they help us with that :) I thought their 2 part "Vendors You Can't Live Without" episode was brilliant. To hear about the companies and resources available to us from the users instead of the vendors… great idea, and well done in the quick-fire fashion. Final note- I got to meet/hang/work with Sarah and T at the VRMA conference and they're even more fun in person :D Hope I get to see y'all again soon!

- JETO from the United States
03/21/2023 5 The Gold Standard For the Vacation Industry

As the popularity of the vacation rental world has grown, quite a few really good podcasts have appeared to place that growth in context and to chart the future. 

At the top of that great list is Sarah and T…always practical, always with quality of judgment, and designed to help listeners simply operate the own businesses better over the long-term.

If you are short of time and can only catch one podcast in this space a week, this is it. Thank you to both Sarah and Tim for leading our industry forward!

- Outer Banks Thinking from the United States
03/21/2023 5 Good and Relevant Info

Always good info on the vacation rental industry without a lot of fluff. In almost every episode, you can come away with several actionable items that can be applied to your business.

- Not a fan of the Pinwheel from the United States
03/20/2023 5 Don’t miss this one!

I've listened to every episode and often go back, my favorite podcast for vacation rental professionals. Tips, tricks and awesome industry leaders. A must listen!

Thank you Sarah and T.

- Dany1224 from the United States
10/24/2022 5 Practical, insightful & funny!

So glad I stumbled upon this gem of a podcast. Sarah & T deliver the most current, insightful & practical advice on the ever evolving vacation rental business. Every episode has at least one golden nugget (usually several) that helps my business grow. I'm always excited for the next episode. Thanks Sarah & T!

- gbishy from the United States
10/16/2022 5 Favorite podcast!

It's like regular networking with the smartest minds in the industry. Love it all!!

- zjen23z from the United States
09/21/2022 5 Helpful and entertaining STR Advice!

If you are a professional property manager or even just managing your own single vacation rental, this podcast is a must! The information is helpful and actionable… and Sarah & Tim are super entertaining as well. If you are just finding this show… I recommend going back to the beginning and binge listen all the episodes. Enjoy and go crush it in your business! 

- AUDavid73 from the United States
09/20/2022 5 The best 30 minutes of every other week!

I have been a follower of this podcast from launch to the polished compelling must-listen content it represents today. 

Great guests, thought provoking content, and a virtual A to Z of everything you need to know to succeed in the VR industry, the Sarah and T podcast is indispensable for any aspiring VRM hoping for success. 

Get ready for pullover moments that will change the way you see your business. The generous sharing of lessons learned will save you money and time and disappointment!

Thanks Sarah and T for making our industry better and not calling it a space!

- Jambo69 from the United States
07/07/2022 5 Best STR Management Show

The best advice for professional vacation rental property management around.

- Kathrine S. from the United States
07/07/2022 5 Sarah & Tim

Love this podcast!

- Beach Rentals Plus from Canada
07/13/2021 5 The must hear vacation rental podcast

I'm thankful to have found this podcast. Easy to listen to, practical advice, and a great variety of topics which are all relevant to the vacation rental management company. I've been binge-listening to each podcast and going back through them as a reference for my leadership strategy for our vacation rental management team.There is rarely an episode that I don't share with either an employee or an owner.

- goodwinfamily7 from the United States
06/05/2021 5 Love these two!

Sarah & Tim have one of the best VR podcasts around. I have listened to every episode, including working my way back through their library once I found them. 

Great voices for listening, excellent topics, positive attitudes whilst still acknowledging negative things like, um, Covid's affect on business. 

They are also responsive to feedback on FB. I recommend them on all my STR forums.

- Mumsy's review: from the United States
07/15/2020 5 Timely and informative

Great podcast. So glad I found it. Very timely and informative. Full of lots of helpful vacation rental mgmt tips.

- Mahrdizzle from the United States
02/25/2020 5 Great content

Binge listened to all seasons in the last couple of months. Great stuff!

- Michael PBR from the United States
02/11/2020 5 So much great information!

Just found this podcast and can't stop listening. So helpful to hear other perspectives.

- sannis041223 from the United States
12/04/2019 5 Thank you

Sarah and T have had such a great impact on my business. This is a gem of a podcast for any vacation rental manager big or small. Thank you Tim and Sarah for putting this out there in the world. I used to feel alone in this business!

- everythingdarlene from the United States
11/07/2019 5 Thanks from Oz

Loving listening. Have all my staff subscribed. Keep up the good work. 

Sian West 
Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats 
Mornington Peninsula 
Victoria, Australia

- oceanbluecoast from Australia
04/06/2019 5 Tony T. Chen

Hi Sarah & T(im), 

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, TAHNK YOU, for this podcast! I'm surprised that I'm the first to rate and review your podcast here. I'm a new "professional" property manager managing a single property (of my own). Listening to your podcast is like going to PM university. Everything you guys said are exactly what I need. My property is two hours drive away from my home, so I downloaded all your episodes and have been binge listening to them religiously during my "commute". Such a cache of treasure that I just discovered. 

One suggestion, if I may make, is to add a more detailed show notes with all the bullet points and some links to the external resources you mentioned in the podcast. Sorry, I'm asking for more from you. Your show is great as is!

Thank you again!


- Tony T Chen from Canada
02/11/2019 5 Press subscribe to better your business

Whether you're managing a single rental or dozens (for others or yourself) this is industry education at its best. The likable hosts are great and offer different perspectives on a variety of topics. The guests are interesting and often entertaining. A valuable resource for everyone in the industry. Binge worthy!

- Walker Luxury Vacation Rentals from the United States
10/18/2018 5 Amazing content!

High quality content, tips and tricks for the vacation rental professional.

- MarkD1368 from the United States
09/08/2018 5 A must listen for any VM

Not only are Sarah and Tim entertaining, the pull over moments are incredible. This industry as so many working parts and they've touched on so many of the aspects with detail and great pointers for each. Keep up the great work!

- MLieven from the United States
03/21/2018 5 Filling a Void

An incredibly helpful resource for VR managers - thirty minutes packed with practical suggestions, valuable resources and strategic insights. Tim and Sarah - thank you!

- Houston formerly LA from the United States
11/20/2017 5 Great podcast

One of my favorite vacation rental podcasts.

- Rent4rest Filipa from Portugal
10/11/2017 5 Best ever

This is a great podcast. A must listen for all rental management teams or home owners. Sarah is the best!!!

- MSA08131955 from the United States